Friday, June 25, 2010

Green Smoke - Day 12 Challenge

I skipped a day. I guess I just simply forgot to post anything, being so busy making so much money with my new Green Smoke Affiliate Program. Wow!

Anyway, Day 11 went fine. Day 12 has gone fine so far and should end up as another tobacco-free day for me. I so wish you would try this program. If you've ever wanted to quit smoking, this is the best way I've ever found. It's so painless. There's no craving, no pills to take, no patches, no skin irritation, nothing. It's amazing how easy it is.

Highly recommended by me, a 2-pack a day smoker for 45 years. Twelve days without a cigarette now. I don't think I'll ever go back to tobacco after this. If I can do it for 12 days, I can do it forever.

Check it out at Green Smoke! 
And be sure and use the discount code to save 10%. disc10-18114

Good luck to you!

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